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Safety by Choice, Not by Chance.

Divecom Marine is proud to offer vessel charter services. Our vessels are easily adaptable platforms that can be modified for a wide range of marine operations. With land transportation available these vessels can be shipped to any inland location. Divecom Marine’s commitment to safety is relayed into our vessel fleet with strict adherence to maintenance and US Coast Guard regulations. Divecom Marine’s customers can be assured of a safe, problematic free charter.

Divecom Marine offers shallow water work boats with Pro-drive TM outboard engines capable of running in 3 inches of water or less. These boats are commercial sea-ark work hulls tough enough for any shallow water marine application. As always, Divecom is committed to providing a safe and quality product, ensuring a problem-free day of operations on the water.

Divecom Marine offers support barges in a variety of sizes that can be delivered by land or water. These barges make a great working platform for many different types of marine operations. Optional containerized offices and work stations can be custom tailored to our customer’s specifications when leased from us with our support barges. If we do not have a specific size or style of barge that our customers require, Divecom Marine will locate a suitable barge that best suits our client’s needs.