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Divecom Dredging can perform hydraulic dredging to improve the depth of canals, slips and channels. This will help make the water navigable during more tide heights and improve the value of your waterfront property.

Divecom Dredging can conduct Commercial Dredging, Residential Dredging, or Municipal Dredging at an affordable price. We use hydraulic pumps to move the debris from under your dock to containers that are then moved to landfill areas.


The Divecom Dredging staff balances the environmental impact of changing the contour of submerged land with the wishes of the boating community. We will coordinate with local, county and state environmental regulatory agencies to obtain the necessary permits to complete your dredging project.

We use an environmentally-friendly dredging process that cause the least amount of disruption to the environment while keeping dredging costs as low as possible for Commercial Dredging, Residential Dredging, and Municipal Dredging.

Affordable Dredging Services

Our dredging methods are not only environmentally-friendly, they are also labor-efficient. We have refined our systems to use fewer pieces of equipment, thus reducing the cost of dredging to make it affordable for most waterfront homeowners.

Whether your canal dredging project requires removing 100 cubic yards of sediment of 100,000 cubic yards, Divecom Dredging has the equipment and experience to move it out of your way so you can get back on the water.

Residential Dredging

We can increase the value of your Florida waterfront property by making the water under your dock, lift of davit deeper allowing you more frequent use of your boat. We can remove silt and sediment from around docks, lifts, and davits on canals, bays, lakes and rivers.

Divecom Dredging has the know-how and tools to make your waterway deeper through maintenance dredging around docks, marinas, canals, and slipways.

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